Installing AVCMS

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Fresh Install

To start, upload all files from the zip to your site using an FTP client or via your hosting control panel.

Once the files are uploaded, visit your site in your browser.

You may find you need to set-up permissions on some folders. The folders (and their contents) must be writable by PHP:


Upgrade from a previous version of AVCMS

1. Upload all the files from the zip excluding the /web & /webmaster folders

2. Optionally upload the /webmaster/templates folder to update all templates

3. Delete the file webmaster/installer_lock.txt to unlock the installer

4. Go to to upgrade

Upgrade from AV Arcade 5.8 or Wallpaper Site Script 1.3

AVCMS can import your site data from AV Arcade 5.8 or Wallpaper Site Script 1.3. You must first upgrade your old site to these versions before trying to import them into AVCMS. Please note, you can not import both into one site. The following install guide shows the best method to avoid downtime and back-up old files.

Install AVCMS

To begin, follow the "Fresh Install" instructions from above to install your AVCMS script, but install AVCMS into a new directory called "upgrade" (so it should be visible from

Enter maintenance mode

At this point you should put your old site into maintenance mode to stop people from accessing it.

Import your site content

Once you have the script installed in your "upgrade" folder, you can import the content from your old site using the importer tool in the admin panel. Make sure to carefully read all the instructions on the import page.

For AV Arcade, visit

For Wallpaper Site Script, visit

You will need to move some files from your old website to the AVCMS install you just created.

Working Website

After the import is complete and you have moved the files, you should see a working website at If content such as Wallpapers or Games have missing images, double check you moved all the files to the right place.

Replace Old Site with AVCMS

Finally, all we need to do is move this site to your root directory. Start by taking all the AV Arcade 5.8 or Wallpaper Site Script 1.3 files and either deleting them or, more sensibly, moving them to a back-up folder.

Secondly, move the entire contents out of the 'upgrade' folder to the root directory of your website.

Finally, delete everything from the /cache folder. If you don't do this your moved website may not work.

This completes the upgrade, your site should now be live.