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Check out the Installing AVCMS article for a guide on installing the script.

Changing Settings

One of the first things you may want to do after installing AVCMS is to check out the settings area in the admin panel. Here you can customise many aspects of your new site.


Modules are blocks of content that you can add, edit, reorder & delete from different areas on your site. For example, you may want to show a list of the most recent blog posts on the sidebar of your website or even add some custom HTML to a certain page.

When getting started with your site, you will probably want to turn on the "Show Module Buttons" setting (found under the "Main" category in the settings). With this on, when viewing your site you will see small edit buttons dotted throughout the site where you can add modules. When you click that button you will be shown a list of all the current modules in that position. You can drag and drop the existing modules to reorder them, add new modules or edit existing modules.

When you click "Add Module" you will see a big list of different module types and when you select a module you will be given a number of different options to customise it. Hover your mouse over question marks in the form to get help with the different fields.


If you want to monetise your site, you will probably want to place some ads on it. There's a section in the admin panel where you can add your ad codes ready for use on your site. Then you can use the "Advert" module to place those ads in certain positions on the site. See the modules section above on how to manage and edit modules.


The main menus in AVCMS can be modified, added-to and reordered. You can manage all of this functionality from the "Menus" section of the admin panel. When adding a menu item you will be given a list of different types of menu item with short descriptions. You can re-order menu items by dragging and dropping them using the handle on the lefthand side. If you want to make a menu item appear as a child of another menu item, you can drag it on top of the parent menu item.

Ask For Help

This article only has a few tips. If there's anything you need advice on, head to the forums and we'll answer as soon as possible: